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Please read this before your trip...

Our priority is to make your trip very interesting, comfortable and, of course, safe. Since it takes place in a remote location with lots of wild animals around, there are a few important things we should point out:
  • The boat is equipped with life jackets which are placed by your seats. Once aboard, please note where your life jacket is located.
  • There's a fire extinguisher at the front of the boat for your safety and a first-aid medical kit at the back, in the kitchen section above the freezer. However, if you have any specific health problems, please, ask you doctor whether you can take such a trip. We also advise you to take medications with you. We do not take reponsibility for any situation that might arise due to such health issues.
  • Please, note that we do not provide individual medical insurance.
  • Don't start the journey if you have a communicable disease (e.g. flu).
  • When you arrive at the campsite do not leave the camping zone since there might be wild animals around. If they are there, don't get too close, and follow the advice of your ranger... this is a wild place!
  • If you are travelling with children, make sure that they always stay close to your tour group. Please, note that children below the age of 7 are not allowed on overnight bush-camping tours.
  • Walk only in closed shoes and NEVER barefoot, to avoid thorns and insect bites.
  • Don't throw litter into the water. All litter should be put into a bin located on the boat. It'll be disposed off properly by the members of our team.
Please, observe these basic rules and enjoy your trip!

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