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We believe that success of an eco-toursim project in East Africa is built on a synergy effect of every individual employee's knowledge, experience, and effort. The team of Nile Navigation Ltd. comprises professionals in a variety of spheres, such as mapping, fishing, boat building, marketing, tourism service, and cooking. Each one brings his or her own special contribution to this unique project. We are driven by the enthusiasm for nature, wildlife, and spirit of discovery.

Our aim is to make sure that our guests bring back home an unforgettable African experience in a safe and friendly environment.

The company policy is to provide efficient service with a "special touch". Our international team will be happy to give you travel advice to help you get ready for your new Ugandan adventure. We will design the itinerary according to your special interests or you can choose from the existing tours.

We are proud to introduce a very special member of our team - "Buligi Star". She is a 13-meter Lake Albert 'Kabalega' boat, lovingly restored to preserve as much of the original 'mukebu' tropical forest hardwood that she was built with, and strengthened with fibreglass by craftsmen from one of Uganda's leading fibreglass specialists. Buligi Star has a quiet engine which keeps the wildlife undisturbed for your observation. The toilet, portable camping shower, cosy kitchen with all the necessary utensils, and a very cold fridge are all there to make you feel at home. Buligi star is sure to add her own "special touch" to your trip. Please see her "birth book" here .

Bookings and reservations: +256 (0) 782 169474; +256 (0) 414 572838 E-mail: Kampala, Uganda
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